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Art & Barb Sell

Art Sell has been involved in promoting and developing the City of Big Timber for it seems as long a a Century. Art is in his 90’s but continues to make himself count. Long-time member of the City leadership, his wife Barb is responsible for the rehabilitation of the local Library. Art has been a member of the American Legion as long as I have known him and many years prior to meeting him. Often pulls the rope to make sure it happens. Barb helped raise money for Pioneer Medical Facilities including the Clinic, Hospital, Assisted Living & Nursing Home. She also helped coordinate the support for hospice, community foundation & DORNIX Park.

Bonita Cremer, Montana Farm Bureau

Bonita is just a joy in our community. All of her efforts with Farm Bureau and bringing the suicide prevention training to Big Timber, she is always there to help.

Brian Engle

Brian is not only the owner of Meats of Montana, but he has a rich history ranching. He is active in various organizations and is an innovative thinker and business man. Meats of Montana processes meat for the Meat to School program. Brian has donated beef sticks to every person who attended Montana Range Days for the past 11 years. Each person has gone home to all parts of Montana, with a healthy serving of Montana beef, for their long trip home. He also helped host his AGR fraternity brothers Pink Rose Formal in 2020 when Bozeman wouldn’t allow them to gather.

Buzz Finn

Buzz is always willing to help. He is the caretaker for the fairgrounds and is a very giving, wonderful person.

Chris Mehus, Western Sustainability Exchange

Chris is really passionate about environmental stewardship. His program is doing some cool things for ranchers in our community and helping people keep ranching profitable.

Cindy Bainter

Cindy is the cook for Big Timber Schools. She helped implement the Meat-to-School program and is just an incredible person. Definitely deserved to be recognized.

Dan Rostad, Sweet Grass County Conservation District

Dan knows everybody and everything! He has done so much for farmers and ranchers over the last 20 years supporting conservation of our waterways. His work extends far down the Yellowstone River and truly the economic impact is just incredible.

Donald Family, Cayuse Ranch

The Donald’s have been practicing holistic management on their ranch and our leaders in the community.

Heidi Todd, Crazy Peak Cattlewomen

Heidi was integral in putting together the Sweet Grass beef to school program which brought together local beef from local ranchers, local processing and of course the school kitchen. Her dedication to the community and efforts and bringing Ag education into the schools is something really admirable.

Jordan Seeman

An amazing, solid person. Works for the mine and has a ranch here in the community.

Katie Rein, Crazy Mountain Veterinary Service

Not sure how we would survive without Katie. She’s always willing to come help save a cow or do a c-section in the middle of the night. And she has this model of a cow that she is helping people all over the state train on delivering calves. Very impressive person.

Kevin & Shirley Halvorson, Halverson Ranch

Family has been in wool business in Sweet Grass County a long time. They have helped the community for generations. Kevin was also on the conservation board for many years. They are gems of Sweet Grass County.

Laura Nelson, Montana Farm Bureau (formerly)

Laura is the author of the book “Legacies: A 100 year history of the Values, Principles, and Purpose of the Montana Farm Bureau Federation”. Laura is well-loved in Big Timber. She has volunteered her talent for years photographing the Sweet Grass County Fair. She recently moved, but will be missed and always welcomed back.

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley

This couple has totally revitalized our local FFA chapter. Great work!

Roger & Betsy Indreland

Roger is currently the chair of the board of the Western Sustainability Exchange and his family has been recognized many times for their work even flying out to New York to share their story on carbon sequestration. Not to mention, they’ve been selling local beef in farmer’s market for years.

Sweet Grass County Volunteer Fire Department

Not sure where we would be without Kris and Matt and their team who helped fight that American Fork Fire this year. They deserve some recognition.

Tumblewood Teas

Riza Gilpin and Laurie Rennie source teas from around the world and mixes this amazing tea right here in Big Timber. Highly recommend it!


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