Cheryl Moore-Gough

Master Gardener

With our rugged climate, variable soils and many elevations, gardening in Montana can be downright bewildering for newcomers to the state and Montana natives, too. Whether they’re trying to make a begonia bloom or coping with early frosts, gardeners across the state look to this Horticulture Program for expert, no-nonsense advice. From selecting shrubs that stand a chance against an Eastern Montana winter to raising vegetables at the higher elevations or coping with the saline soils of the hi-line, “Northern Gardening Tips” help Montanans surmount their horticultural hurdles. Cheryl Moore-Gough MS, is a Horticulture Specialist from Montana State University. During the years that MSU Extension’s call-in gardening hotline was in operation, Cheryl Moore-Gough responded to calls and e-mails by the hundreds. She also shed light on specific plant maladies at MSU’s Schutter Diagnostic Lab. Currently, Moore-Gough teaches in the MSU department of Plant Sciences.

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