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John & Jennifer Goff

This incredible couple is renovating the Miles City Theatre for the community!

Evin Wiebers

Evin Weibers has helped when needed many times and deserves a nomination as a Tow Rope Hero.  Whether it’s early in the morning or before his work obligations he always can be counted on to help out.

Jeff Shaw

Jeff is the most helpful person in Miles City. Jeff has constructed four large BBQs that he has operated for several years. If you have ever attended the Chamber Ag Dinner your meat was Jeff’s doing. The Pork Dinner at the Stockgrowers 125th Convention was done on one of Jeff’s grills. The Erin’s Hope Banquet, the Wake-up and Lace-Up benefit was done by Jeff’s business, The Red Neck Grill. It is interesting that it is called a business because most of the local benefits are all done at cost of food and nothing else. Miles City is grateful for Jeff’s giving spirit but his efforts don’t stop there. Jeff is the President of The Friends of The Fairgrounds, a non-profit that does un-budgeted repairs to the Eastern Montana Fairgrounds. Jeff played a big part in the fencing around the outside of the race track, building the rail on the inside of the race track. He is always putting together a workforce to making things better. Jeff has also put in countless hours to Connors Stadium to improve both the football and baseball side of that facility. He is one of the greatest friends a person could have because if he can’t fix your problem chances are he knows someone who owes him a favor that can.
There are many other people from the area that could echo Jeff’s value to our community. He’s a bit of a legend for his abilities as well as his generosity.

Lee Akers

Lee Akers is an announcer for KMTA 1050 am. He is also a preacher who visits with senior citizens in long-term health care facilities to bring them comfort and care. His wife Kathryn Kellogg is a member of the Custer County Fund for Animals to help owners fix their pets.

Nicole Rolf – Montana Farm Bureau

Nicole is a great example of a Tow Rope Hero as she is consistently going to bat for Montana’s farmers and ranchers.  Giving small businesses and local producers a voice when it comes to supporting the agricultural industry.  Thanks for your work Nicole!

Ron and Pam Hurr

I would like to nominate Ron and Pam Hurr for their work over the last ten years in Southeastern Montana helping about 40 children have the wish of their live-in Memory of the daughter Erin.  Each year in December there is a huge fundraiser for Erin’s Hope Project that raises thousands of dollars.

Shane & Tanya Flowers

Shane and Tanya bought Quality Meats of Montana in August of 2020. They are true leaders in the processing industry from Shane’s work on the beef council to all they do for meat processors across MT to grow and maintain the industry against strong regulations. They already own Ranch House Meats in Shepherd. FLowers’ saw demand increase with the pandemic impact and a massive need for more local processing. Their purchase is huge for ranchers in Eastern MT to have this resource. Not to mention, Flowers’ are partnering with Miles City Community College for a new meat processing program to train next generation. We all need more people like this in our communities?

Shaylee Gaskill

Shaylee, so much to describe her. She’s driving to town from the ranch an hour away to open her well ran farm and ranch business each day at 7 Am to put in a 12 hour a day shift- 6 days a week. She always has a smile on her face and treats each customer as if they are first cousins! Her work ethic is contagious and she deserves this award more than anything, to know we care and show her that the hard work is truly paying off. She graduated college in 2018, I believe, and came back to take over the family business and stepped in and has done such a fabulous job! That business has it all, tools, apparel, and all livestock supplies! so much more I can say about this individual but she is a 5 Star Entrepreneur!!!

Stephanie Hein – Forsyth, MT

My Tow Rope Hero is definitely Stephanie. I was in need of a kidney, and in 2016 I shared it on Facebook. My sister-in-law shared it.   Stephanie who was my sister-in-law’s friend from High School saw the post and donated her kidney to me three months later. She has such a selfless heart and is always doing for everyone else and her community. In the attached photo, Stephanie is on the right, the day before surgery.

Beth McCoy

Beth is the Executive Director of the Custer Network Against Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault (CNADA). She and her dedicated team help provide networking, support, and emergency services to those victimized by domestic and sexual violence. The non-profit was formed in 1996 and serves five eastern Montana counties: Custer, Garfield, Powder River, Rosebud, and Treasure counties. Staff an volunteers are available 24-hours a day.



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