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Old West Radio

Dakota Livesay

Host of Old West Radio

Old West Radio Daily Show – 5:55 AM
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Old West Radio is a syndicated daily radio program.

Five days a week Dakota Livesay shares a story about an event or person from the Old West.

Monday through Friday you can hear all about the people and places of the Old West. From the infamous Wild Bill Hickok and Judge Roy Bean, to the outlaws they pursued, and the cattlemen and settlers who carved out a home in the Western Frontier.

It’s Addicting!

Dakota recording the show at the studio

Each day Dakota shares something you probably didn’t know about the Old West. And, just like the newspaper, each show is about events that take place in the month in which they are aired.

If you are not familiar with a radio station in your area carrying Old West Radio, just fill in the form below and we’ll e-mail you with the station and time when it is aired.