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Latest Headlines

Bozeman Veterinarian Volunteering For War-Torn Animals

Bozeman retired veterinarian Kathy Quigley is in Poland for a month volunteering to fill a critical need for the 4-legged refugees of war. Last Thursday she was on Voices of Montana.

Sen. Daines Visits Laurel Refinery To Promote Local Energy Production

Friday, Senator Steve Daines visited the CHS Refinery in Laurel which is a farmer-owned cooperative that produces gasoline diesel fuel propane and byproducts like asphalt, petroleum, coke and sulfur. He toured the facilities and afterwards hosted a roundtable to discuss the importance of supporting Montana energy producers and unleashing American energy.

Montana Scholar Highlights Supreme Court Leak Surrounding 1972 State Constitutional Convention

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked draft document on a case could potentially overturn Roe versus Wade and national protections for abortions. Former UM Law Professor and constitutional scholar Rob Natelson recently on Voices of Montana recounted a time in Montana when a leaked document from the Montana Supreme Court may have determined the fate of the state’s 1972 constitution.

10-Year Treatment Plan Announced For Kootenai National Forest

In Libby this week Governor Greg Gianforte announced a decade-long agreement committing to treating priority wildland urban interface in the Kootenai National Forest. Thursday on Voices of Montana he said the Good Neighbor Authority agreement sets a goal to treat up to 10,000 acres a year in the Kootenai National Forest.

Ag Producers Beginning To Receive Disaster Relief Fund

Following last year’s record-breaking drought there’s plenty of uncertainty heading into this year’s growing season. This week Senator Jon Tester asked Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack for an update on when producers can expect to see $10 billion Federal Disaster Relief Funds passed last fall.

EPA Rules Against Montana’s New Water Quality Standards

Wednesday the Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality disapproving of core sections of Senate Bill 358 which replaced numeric nutrient standards of Montana water with more subjective narrative standards. Northern News Network’s Eric Young reports.