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Latest Montana News Headlines

U.S. Supreme Court Heard A Montana Case Today And Professor Rob Natelson On Voices Of Montana Explains If The Arguments Are Accepted

Today the U.S. Supreme Court heard a case from Montana. On Voices of Montana Professor Rob Natelson explained if the plaintiffs arguments are accepted what happens. "To listen to the full Voices of Montana Podcast Click Here" ...
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Representative LLews Jones Thinking Out Of The Box On Taxation Of Internet Ordered Products

Representative LLew Jones from District 18 attended the recent Legislative Week at the Capitol thinking outside the box on taxation. He doesn't believe taxing internet businesses like Amazon is on the plate however ...
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Executive Vice President Of The Montana Farm Bureau Federation Says Things Look Good Comparatively

Speaking from the 23rd floor of the Hilton Hotel in Austin Texas Tuesday John Youngberg was on Voices of Montana. The Executive Vice President of the Montana Farm Bureau Federation was at the American Farm Bureau Federation's convention. He said conditions on Montana farms and ranches isn't as bad as some think ...
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New State Tax Credit Explained By Montana Department Of Revenue’s Sanjay Talwani

A new tax credit could save you money when filing your tax returns which you can do starting Monday for both the state and federal governments. Montana Department of Revenue Public Information Officer Sanjay Talwani ...
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Eureka Senator Mike Cuff On Pacific Northwest Economic Region’s Role In New USMCA Law

Tuesday Eureka Senator Mike Cuff was in Washington State discussing various topics as President of the Pacific Northwest Economic Region. On Voices of Montana he explained Penwer's history in the USMCA trade agreement which is now law. "To listen to the full Voices of Montana Podcast Click Here"  ...
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U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Swears In The 100 U.S. Senators Who Will Judge President Donald J. Trump’s Future As The Nation’s Leader

For only the third time in the nation's history a President of the United States has been impeached and the U.S. Senate is now holding a trial on whether he should be removed from office. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts swore in the 100 U.S. Senators who will be president Donald Trump's jurors this morning at around 11:30 Montana time ...
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Senator Jon Tester Doesn’t Know How Long The Impeachment Trial Of President Donald Trump Will Take

The Impeachment Trial of President Donald J. Trump has begun in the U.S. Senate. Senator Jon Tester is one of the jurors who will have to vote for or against removing the President from office. Tester doesn't know how long the trial will take but he'll be there until the end ...
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Billings School District 2 Superintendent Greg Upham On $4.2 Million Deficit Problem Solutions

Billings School District 2 might cut 40 jobs along with the operating budget by 10%. Superintendent Greg Upham on how this will affect a $4.2 million deficit ...
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Executive Vice President Of Montana Farm Bureau Federation Talks About Immigration Concerning Montana

John Youngberg is the Executive Vice President of the Montana Farm Bureau Federation who is attending the American Farm Bureau Federation National Convention in Austin Texas. Today on Voices of Montana he talked about their efforts to help with immigration policy as it concerns Montana. "To listen to the full Voices of Montana Podcast Click Here"  ...
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