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Phone Call Dialing To Change Slightly Next Month In Montana

Starting October 24th to make a local call anywhere in the state the 406-area code must be used before the other 7 numbers for it to go through. The reason is so that the Federal Communications Commission can roll out the new National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Montana is one of 37 states and 83 area codes that will be impacted. All services that use automated dialing equipment will also be impacted and will need to be programmed to include the 10-digit dialing.

Flood Insurance Costs To Increase For Montanan’s Next Month

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will change flood insurance costs nationwide October 1st. Quote wizard’s team of analysts found that FEMA’s new rules will cost 63% of Montana residents as much as $100 more a month. 63% of policyholders in Montana will see a price increase 37% of policyholders will see a price decrease 2% of Montana policyholders will pay an extra $20 or more a month 21% will save $20 or more a month.

Shodair Children’s Hospital Highlighting Suicide Prevention In September

Shodair Children’s Hospital is accepting submissions for its suicide prevention awareness scholarship until Monday. It gives participants a chance to share their thoughts and experiences with mental health and suicide and a chance to win $10,000 in scholarships. Shodair’s Chief Communications Officer Alana Listow on how everyone can potentially prevent suicide.

Yellowstone County Judge To Rule On New Abortion Laws

Yellowstone County District Court Judge Gregory Todd will decide before October 1st if he’ll halt the implementation of three new abortion laws challenged by Planned Parenthood of Montana. The laws ban abortions after 20 weeks gestational age require a woman be informed of the option to view an ultrasound before an abortion and require informed consent before a drug induced abortion and block providing the medication through the mail.

Al Gore To Speak At University Of Montana

Former Vice President Al Gore will participate in an annual speaker series October 28th hosted by the University of Montana’s Max S. Baucus Institute and will be accompanied by former Senator and Ambassador Max Baucus. The topic this year will focus on the current climate both environmental and political. Those interested in participating in the free Zoom event can do so by registering online through the Max S. Baucus Institute’s website.