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Latest Montana News Headlines

New Class Announced By Janelle Olberding Director Of Marketing And Public Relations At Dawson Community College In Glendive

Janelle Olberding is Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Dawson Community College in Glendive ...
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Department Of Public Health And Human Spokesperson Talks About Two New Illnesses In Montana From E-Cigarette Use Or Vaping

Two new cases of illness have been identified in Montana relating to the national outbreak of e-cigarette use or vaping. Department of Public Health and Human Services Communications Specialist Chuck Council ...
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Montana Nonprofit Association”s Leandra Lipson On Whether New Department Of Labor Rules Apply To Them

The Department of Labor's new overtime rule raises the minimum salary level required to qualify under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Montana Nonprofit Association's Leandra Lipson isn't sure if it applies to them ...
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Tired? You’re Not Alone According To Dr. Phyllis Zee Chief Of Sleep In The Medicine Department Of Neurology At Northwestern University In Chicago

Feeling tired? You're not alone. So says Doctor Phyllis Zee Chief Of Sleep in the Medicine Department Of Neurology at Northwestern University in Chicago ...
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Hi-Line Farmer And Rancher Justin Miller On Real Montana’s Goals And Other Details About The Program To Spread The Word

Justin Miller is a 5th generation farmer and rancher hailing from the hi-line and is also a member of 20 individuals in class four of Real Montana ...
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Land And Water Conservation Fund Waiting Full-Funding According To Tracy Stone-Manning With The National Wildlife Federation In Missoula

Earlier this year Congress permanently reauthorized the Land And Water Conservation Fund and now supporters want lawmakers to make its full-funding permanent. Tracy Stone-Manning with the National Wildlife Federation in Missoula says only twice since the program began five decades ago has it received full funding ...
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Representative Greg Gianforte Has A Message For Veterans On Veterans Dan 2019

Representative Greg Gianforte has a message for veterans on this Veterans Day 2019 ...
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Senator Jon Tester Secures $3.5 Million Grant for Chief Dull Knife College In Lame Deer

The National Science Foundation has awarded $3.5 million in grants to Chief Dull Knife College in Lame Deer to help establish a fully equipped industry-standard environmental protection center for water quality research and landscape monitoring on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation and surrounding areas. Senator Jon Tester ...
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Fish Wildlife And Parks’ Bob Gibson Update On Poaching Cases Close To Being Solved

In the last few months there has been a lot of poaching of wild game and some of those cases are close to being closed. Bob Gibson of Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks ...
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