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Bill French

Bill served on the Conservation District for 64 years! Not paid a single dime, however for mileage maybe … he jokes. He has a love for farming and ranching since he was younger and says that he “hopes (I’ve) earned the kind words that people have shared about me”. At 87 he still works on his ranch.


Bob Kopp

Truly a good neighbor. While he was pitch-hitting giving a neighbor a ride to the Dr. and going to the appointment with him. Also helps with snow and ice removal.


Bridgett Ereaux

Owner of Westside Self Service, Bridgett was nominated for her and her family’s various contributions to the Malta community. She is mostly focused on promoting education and donates time to thank teachers, volunteers at the elementary schools and help organize and put on the school science fair. She goes above and beyond for everyone around her. She is involved in 4-H, coaches basketball, volunteers at church, and still manages to run a business and raise a family.


Christie & Billie

Took in and are preparing to adopt a 4-year old and her twin 1-year old brothers during the COVID crisis.


Duane & Sonia Murry

Have Kept our local nursing home going often at their own financial and mental expense.


Gary Faydo

Made birdhouses for a grief support group. Assisted with ailing relatives and neighbors.


Greg Kielb

towrope tour

They helped with a huge Radio-a-thon for Brian Raymond who is in his 30’s with covid and ended up with a lung transplant. The community truly rallied together to support him and his 4 kids. First lung transplant due to Covid in Denver.

Greg is the voice of Malta Montana. He does the best sports announcing in the state. He travels and makes sure the people left at home hear a sports event as if they were there in person. His knowledge of sports is great, but most of all he learns and announces the competing team members names properly and with enthusiasm. His Business, KMMR, has been a Malta mainstay for over 40 years. He community time is unsurpassed as he gives air time for fundraisers for people or families in need, 4H auctions and many community fundraisers. Greg Kielb has towed the Phillips County Rope for the benefit of our community.

Jeanne Icenoggle

Jeanne has served many homecooked meals to people with recent surgeries or who need a lift. Anonymous and discreet for years. Giving of her talents.


Jenny Tollefson – Phillips County Health Nurse

Jenny helped navigate Gretchen through the impacts of Covid on her team, going above and beyond with a positive attitude while helping to devise a plan of keeping Gretchen’s team of essential workers on their front lines providing needed power services to the surrounding three counties. Gretchen can also speak to how Phillips County Health worked through the pandemic on their frontlines as well.


Jim Dumas, Hi-Line Packing

Opened up shop in Malta right before Pandemic and is in the process of getting under USDA inspection, will be the first to do that on the hi-line.


Kevin Koss

Kevin is a strong member of the community and deserves to be recognized.  His service extends across several organizations from the local school board to Stockgrowers and the Livestock Association.  He is an active participating member working to make a difference and we thank him for his leadership.


Katie Brown

Katie Brown, RCAN

Katie had the foresight to organize a fundraiser with the help of friends to raise over $20,000 for the community to be used to fund the lawsuit to stop the APR. Through her hard work and dedication, she went on to create a nonprofit called Rural Communities and Agricultural Neighbors (RCAN). RCAN continues to raise funds to help with community needs.


Kent Gordon

Has done the most memorials for Veterans and suicide victims due to his involvement as a teacher and a vet. We appreciate the contribution of his congregation to this accidental mission as many were unchurched and he could not have done this without their support and the continual assistance of his wife.


Laura Pankratz

Writes grants, organizes projects, does landscape improvement of our trails and environment. Improves the whole community’s lifestyle!

Lawrence Rhone – Daniels County

It was a late harvest season so the neighbors who normally help me out were busy cutting and racing the weather. I hardly knew Lawrence but he spent his day giving me some much-needed help. This is nothing compared to what he’s done and attempting to do for our community.

Here’s a recent piece on Lawrence Rhone from the Daniels County Leader 09/23/21 edition that gives you a brief glance at his impact:

Daniels County resident Lawrence Rhone was recently appointed to the Veterans’ Advisory Committee on Rehabilitation for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) by Secretary Denis McDonough following his nomination by U.S. Senator Jon Tester, Chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee. Senator Tester said “It’s critical that Montanans and rural veterans are well represented at VA and that they are empowered to help shape Department policy and ensure services and programs meet the unique needs of folks in rural America. Mr. Rhone is the right man for the job on the Veterans’ Advisory Committee on Rehabilitation, and I look forward to working with him and the Committee to make good on our promises to all veterans.”  The Veterans’ Advisory Committee on Rehabilitation (VACOR) provides advice to the VA Secretary on the administration of VA’s veteran rehabilitation programs and on how VA can best meet the of veterans with disabilities. As part of this work, the Committee receives briefings on VA partnerships that will enhance the delivery of rehabilitation services for veterans. Rhone will serve a two-year term on the Committee as a non-compensated, special Government Employee and completed the required training.  Mr. Rhone is a service-connected disabled U.S. Army veteran who has dedicated his life and work to advocating for and supporting other veterans. As a veteran in Northeast Montana, he assists veterans with accessing their earned VA services and Rhone also founded the Community Resource Center located in Scobey which serves not only veterans but many people with the need for resources, in all walks of life. Very recently, he established a State-funded drop-in center operated in conjunction with the Community Resource Center in Scobey, assisting community area folks with mental health and addiction issues. The drop-in center is the newest of only thirteen in Montana. He’s also deep in the planning stages of completing a training and retreat center on his farm near Flaxville. This will serve as a resource for veterans struggling with their transition to civilian life.

Monica Taylor

Monica Taylor owns Hitchin Post Cafe in Malta. She has kept her restaurant up and running through it all! feeding the elderly and working folks that might be driving by in a tender truck and needing something to eat. She and her staff are so kind, and hard-working – we are so grateful to have them in our town!

Orvin Solberg

Utilized his own family Covid loss to educate the public. Assisted needy with family member’s memorial money.

Randy Isakson – Glasgow, MT

Randy has his fingers on the pulse of the Glasgow community. Whenever you need a helping hand, he’ll make himself available.  Randy has been a part of Search and Rescue for 24 years now and is always first in line to help search for missing lost and stranded folks in Valley and surrounding counties. Randy was S&R before we had an official S&R. He previously worked with his cousin, Alvie, that had a wrecker service. He has fished many vehicles and ATV’s out of Fort Peck and Nelson’s Reservoir.  Always on his spare time as this was never actually his official job.  Randy is a member of our City and Long Run Fire depts. He was instrumental to me personally during the flooding of 2011 when Cherry Creek flooded. He and other members of Long Run worked tirelessly all night long that night to make sure that everybody was safe.  Randy also ran Milk River Motor Sports for 8 years and brought things to our community such as demolition derbies and mud bogs. He always ensured the safety of all participants. He also spends countless hours working with the Rodeo and Fair Committees. He takes pride in helping with projects to improve these venues. He feels that if you do things like this to engage younger generations, they are less likely to go down the wrong path.  I feel that Tow Rope Hero is the perfect title for this man. He goes above and beyond 100% of the time.

Rhonda Dalby

towrope hero
Ronda Dalby & Taylor Brown










Rhonda Dalby – Organized community ‘Cruise Night’. Businesses stayed open late to create a fun and safe environment for the community to gather and engage safely from their cars. For one of the events, Rhonda had to help the Malta police direct traffic it was so popular. Cruise Nights also collected food for local food bank.





Additional Mentions:

Ann Lundstrom

Bruce Christopherson

Carmen Lamsdon

Danette & Alan Love

Dixie Moore

John Carnahan

Jo Thorp

Dr. Edwin Medina

Karla Frolich

Kayla Young

Lonna Crowder

Luke Brown

Rhei Thorp

Richard Dunbar

Tasha Murphy

Theresa Ohl

Tony Boos

Tom Bedwell


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