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Cathy Burwell – Helena

This past year presented a unique challenge to all businesses, not just those that belonged to the chamber. Cathy and her team at the Helena Chamber knew it was time to return to the roots of what a business Chamber was all about and unify the business community in order to survive. Cathy has been with the Helena Chamber for 22 years.


Brad Smith & Camry Coltier. Valley Sand and Gravel –

Donating services to numerous local organizations, Valley Sand & Gravel was instrumental in helping MT Radio Company extend their Helping Grand holiday promotion that extended will into February. 


Amanda Hamm – Clyde Park

Last year during the Covid shutdown, Amanda was extremely disappointed that the craft fairs were being shut down. She had seen 1st hand how many of her friends and community members who relied on the supplemental income form these events were struggling. So she decided to open Ranch Hustle, a boutique in Wilsall, that showcased local crafters products. It was so successful that the community asked her to stay open beyond the Christmas season! In addition the grocery store next door and the hardware store down the road had both closed their doors permanently due to the shutdowns. Once again, seeing the need, Hamm Supply was born. With almost no experience in the industry Amanda was able to provide grocery items, veterinary products, and keep her Ranch Hustle items in one location. The support from the community has bee so astounding and very appreciated!


Tom Livers – Helena

After finishing up as the Budget Director for the Bullock Administration, Tom joined the Shodair Children’s Hospital as the new Government Affairs Director. After his predecessor, Ellen, passed away, Tom joined the staff to help continue her legacy. 


Bella Nyman – Helena

Bella is the perfect combination of calm and quiet. She has an eager enthusiasm with a good dose of curiosity and self-advocacy. Bella was treated at Shodair Children’s Hospital residential services where she learned how to engage healthy coping skills, self awareness and courage to communicate what she needs in the moment. She doesn’t claim to have mastered those skills, but rather is committed to being resilient young adult willing to share her experiences with the hope to help another. Bella is 18 yars old, a recent high school graduate, an inspiring dog trainer, and is the 2019-2020 Champion Child for Shodair Children’s Hospital.


Helena Food Share – Helena

Bruce Day, Patty White and their team have had to overcome a lot of changes in the past year. This last year has created challenges that have made them change how they serve people, how they use volunteers, and how they work day to day. They have seen and INCREDIBLE increase in need – more than 30% – of what was already a high need. They have worked really hard to make sure that families, the elderly, and kiddos don’t go hungry.  The Helena community is incredibly grateful for all of their hard work!


Kevin Terry, Montana Radio Company – Helena

Kevin Terry and his team ran a campaign called a ‘Helping Grand’, giving away $1,000 each day in December leading up to Christmas. However, the program continued to run into February with the help of donations from local businesses. Over $70,000 in gift certificates and cash was given to people in Helena to help them through the pandemic. In turn, it also put people in the stores spending money and using gift cards. Winners discovered new businesses in their area and had an opportunity to support their old favorites.


Brett Wiensch – Owner, 1889 Coffee – Helena

Helena business owner and Gulf War Veteran, Brett was nominated for his effort in operating his local coffee business, 1889 Coffee, through the pandemic. He was able to re-hire his employees back one by one from month to month. Even though it might have caused some financial strain on the business, he knew in his heart it was the right thing to do for the company culture and comradery of his team. 





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