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With all we enjoy in Wyoming outdoors let’s do our best to preserve the surroundings

In: Shadow of the Rockies

Most people head outside because they love the outdoors — it’s peaceful, it’s natural and you have a chance at some breathtaking views and fun memories. For the outdoors to stay wild, it starts with being thoughtful of others — including wildlife — who will be sharing that space.

Whether taking a fishing trip or heading out to snap some wildlife photographs, each person has a duty to make sure the outdoors and all that we enjoy are conserved. That’s why the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is participating in an initiative called WY Responsibly, headed by the Wyoming Office of Tourism.

This summer, Game and Fish  wants all people to keep these points in mind:


1. Plan ahead: Some popular places to fish or enjoy wildlife could be crowded or too hot to fish. Make plans ahead of time and have a backup plan. If you need ideas on a new fishing spot, Game and Fish has a new online fishing guide. Follow these precautions when fishing in the hottest months of the year, too.

2. Keep it clean: Keep a clean camp and don’t litter. Bears live throughout Wyoming and can be drawn to campsites because of garbage.

3. Be fire aware: It’s no secret Wyoming is in a drought. Follow all fire rules and restrictions, and make sure to fully extinguish any fires when you’re finished with them.

4. Keep your distance: Wildlife are charismatic, but they are best viewed from a distance. Don’t get close for a photograph and don’t feed wildlife.

5. Respect the resource: Game and Fish is working to keep the outdoors wild, but we need your help. Stop at aquatic invasive species check stations and follow land and water access rules.

For more information on how to recreate mindfully, visit:


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