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Former Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke hopes to float Montana’s rivers on a listening tour as he embarks on running for Congress to represent Montana. The redistricting process for Montana’s second House seat will be done later this year. Traditionally, the Congressional districting has spilt the state along an east-west axis and its anticipated that will likely happen again with current Representative Matt Rosendale running in the east, while Zinke, who is from Whitefish, will likely be running in the west. Before becoming a member of the president Trump’s Cabinet, he served as Montana’s lone Congressman.

A week ago today, former Attorney General Tim Fox released a male red-tailed hawk he named “Lucky” after finding it hurt earlier and taking it to the Montana Raptor Conservation Center in Bozeman where it was helped to heal to be released into pine trees south of the city by Fox. Donations are being accepted at .

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