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Anglers should be aware of a river restoration project on the Laramie River at the Jelm Wildlife Habitat Management Area (WHMA) beginning in mid-July. The project will address channel stability and habitat enhancements for trout throughout 3,000-linear-feet of the river.


The Laramie River – Jelm Restoration project is located on the upstream (south) public fishing easement portion of the Jelm WHMA. Over the years, several landowners along the fishing easement have expressed concern over bank erosion, channel instability, and trout habitat. In 2018, the Laramie River cut off a large meander bend on the upstream end of the fishing easement. In addition, the Badger Creek Fire in 2018 increased the amount of fine sediments into this reach of the river.


The project will involve some channel realignment, grade control, toe-wood bank stabilization, and pool and riffle enhancements. A narrower, deeper channel will aid in the transport of fine sediments from the wildfire area. Deeper pools created with toe wood will enhance fish cover during low flow periods. An irrigation diversion at the upstream end will be re-activated to provide water to an adjacent pasture.


Anglers should be aware that heavy equipment will prevent access to the river at the upper portion of the fishing easement, and should expect temporary reduced water clarity due to sediment from the project. The project will last through mid-October, when it will cease while brown trout spawn. Construction will then begin again in early December.


Partners for the project include the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Laramie Rivers Conservation District, the Wyoming Wildlife Natural Resources Trust, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Wyoming Water Development Commission, and a private landowner. For more information about the Jelm WHMA visit                                                    


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