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It’s easy to enjoy wildlife in Wyoming. Whether you’re hunting in the backcountry, riding a four-wheeler on the trails or road tripping across the state, odds are you’ll catch at least a glimpse of an impressive animal. No matter which activity brings people and wildlife together, there is a way to donate to wildlife conservation efforts when purchasing hunting and fishing licenses, ORV and parks permits as well as renewing driver’s license and vehicle registration.


The new donation option went into effect July 1, and funds will be used to help fund overpasses, underpasses, fencing and signage to prevent wildlife-vehicle collisions. Nearly 6,000 big game animals like deer, pronghorn, elk, moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goats die each year from collisions with vehicles on Wyoming’s highways and interstates.


Donations can be made through the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Wyoming State Parks and Cultural Resources and Wyoming Department of Transportation through each respective licensing and registration system.


“Wildlife is a common value to everyone in Wyoming. We all benefit from helping to prevent wildlife-vehicle collisions,” said Angela Bruce, Game and Fish deputy director. “Uniting for this cause is one of the many ways we all work together in the state for the outdoors.”


For more information on efforts to prevent collisions with wildlife, visit Game and Fish Wildlife Crossing webpage.

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