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Montana Near Top Of Employment Recovery In The Nation

In more than half the country, unemployment rates dropped to record lows in February, including Montana’s 2.6% in data that goes back to 1976. According to the personal finance website Wallet Hub, Montana ranks 5th on the list of states whose unemployment rates are bounding back the most from the height of the pandemic. State data follow...

State Unemployment Rate Reaches All-Time Low

Montana’s unemployment rate dropped to 2.7% in January down 0.2% from December’s adjusted rate and is the fifth lowest in the nation.  The State has recovered all jobs lost since the start of the pandemic and has grown by 13,849 with 539,758 Montanans employed in January. Montana’s labor force was at its highest recorded level in January at 55...

50,000 New Montana Businesses Started Up Last Year

Montana is currently experiencing a record low unemployment rate of 2.5% but that’s not the only way the economy is thriving. Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen recently shared what her office has seen over the past year.

Unemployment Rates Continue To Drop In Montana

Montana’s unemployment rate fell to 3.1% in October a low achieved only six times over the last 45 years. Total employment in Montana grew by nearly 2,400 jobs while the labor force expanded by nearly 1,200 workers. The lowest unemployment rate ever recorded in Montana was 2.8% in February of 2007.

Montana Reports Conflicting Numbers On State Employment

Despite unemployment numbers going down many Montana businesses are still fighting to bring in more staff. The unemployment rate for Montana dropped down to 3.3% in September but the Montana Department of Labor & Industry reports last week the state reported its most “new jobs” and “job openings” in the last two years. At the end of June, ...