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Butte St. Patrick’s Day Parade Returns

Thursday Butte America held its annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade after being cancelled the past two years due to the pandemic. Parade Director Matt Boyle on some of the more notable floats from this year’s parade.

EPA Gives OK For Butte High School Air Quality

Additional air-quality testing in January by an Environmental Protection Agency contractor suggests a chemical contaminant plume in the vicinity of Butte High School and an adjacent apartment building does not pose health hazards for occupants of either building. This week the EPA said the agency has no plans to perform additional testing.

Property Experts Predict Mass Housing Developments Across Montana

Despite rising populations and a need for more housing across Montana many communities are bullish on mass developments in city centers while others worry about expanding city limits. Butte-based land use attorney Abigail St. Lawrence argues that Montana communities are going to have to embrace change one way or another.

EPA Administrator To Visit Montana Areas In 2022

KC Becker was named as the new administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 8 which includes Montana last November. In an Interview with the Montana Standard Friday, the Colorado lawyer said a she’s looking forward to visiting Butte and Anaconda this summer along with other Montana locales. An early priority will ...

COVID-19 Antibody Treatment Facility Opens In Butte

Governor Greg Gianforte has announced the rollout of monoclonal antibody treatments at St. James Healthcare in Butte. Thursday, Acting State Medical Officer Maggie Cook-Shimanek explained what exactly these treatments will provide for Montanans.

New Areas Of Basin Creek Reservoir Now Open To The Public

After decades of off-limits status, parts of Basin Creek Reservoir south of Butte will soon be open to the public for fishing hiking biking and picnicking. The reservoir is Butte’s most valuable source of drinking water and the county invested $30 million in a state-of-the-art plant to treat its water and that paved the way for public access s...

NorthWestern Begins Replacing Electric Meters

After 20 years Northwestern Energy is replacing its electric meters for its customers across the Treasure State and the upgraded meters will offer improved remote readings at no extra cost. The new meters will provide faster connections. Butte and Whitehall should be completed by the end of the year and then NorthWestern will move on to the re...

Montana SBA District Director Discusses Shuttered Venues Operators’ Grant

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough and Senator Jon Tester toured the veterans home during a stop in Butte Tuesday that regional veterans politicians and others brought to the mining city. Tester the current chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs had helped secure $20 million for the project as had other politicians fro...