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Oil & Gas Lease Sales On Public Lands To Begin Soon

The Interior Department is preparing to offer oil and gas lease sales on large tracts of public lands despite concluding that burning fossil fuels from those parcels could carry huge costs and contribute to climate change. Northern News Network’s Eric Young has more.

Montana Set To Leave National School Boards Association Next Year

The Montana School Boards Association has voted to leave the National School Boards Association in June 2022 saying the organization has lost its focus in supporting local school boards offering professional development and advocating for quality education. Tuesday, Executive Director Lance Melton said the final straw was a letter written by t...

State Commission Meets To Reallocate Work Incentive Funds

Now that the timeframe for the Gianforte administration’s back-to-work incentive program has ended, a state commission has ruled on reallocation of the remaining funds. Committee member Kim Abbott on why she believes it didn’t yield the results the administration was expecting.

Hunter Turnout, harvest generally low in South Central Montana

The number of hunters who stopped at Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ south central Montana check stations during the second weekend of the 2021 rifle hunting season generally were near historic lows. The exception was at Lavina, where hunter traffic and harvested animal numbers were the highest in recent history. Weather throughout the region was ...

New MSU Study Finds Physical Activity Linked To Mental Health

A new study by Montana State University on the impact of COVID-19 on mental health found physical activity is a significant factor in staving off mental health challenges. The study highlights the cyclical nature of the relationship between activity and mental health. University of Washington School of Medicine’s Dr. Pooja Tandon recently expl...

Canada Lynx Protections Retained By Interior Department

Under a court settlement approved Monday by U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy, the U.S. Interior Department has agreed to keep federal protections in place for the Canada lynx. It came after wildlife advocates sued to retain protections for the rare and elusive wild cats which have been listed as a threatened species since 2000. A new recovery...

New Study Details Information On MMIP In Montana

A landmark study by the federal government on the Missing and Murdered Indigenous People crisis has been released. The report identifies key challenges facing the federal response to it but offers solutions to improve how the federal government handles cases. They include charging the Attorney General with developing and maintaining a federal ...

Montana World Trade Center Director Explains How State Businesses Can Reach Global Markets

When you have a product how do you get people’s interest? That’s what the Montana World Trade Center housed at the University of Montana does and it’s not just physical products they promote to the world. Executive Director Brigita Miranda Freer explained recently on Voices of Montana.