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In October 2021 Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks acquired the 106-acre Somers Beach on the northwest shore of Flathead Lake for inclusion into Montana’s state park system. The previous owners permitted public access to the property for many years, and designation as a state park will perpetuate public enjoyment and access.

A long-term vision and development plan for the park will be determined through extensive scoping and public involvement since the site is suitable for a variety of recreational offerings and amenities, such as trails, hand-launch boat access, picnic tables, restrooms, etc. It is expected that this process and subsequent environmental analysis may take several months, and there is a need for basic visitor amenities to facilitate public use during the interim period. These interim amenities are intended to meet basic public safety and sanitation needs, delineate state park boundaries, and provide visitor information. Specifically, these amenities include parking, portable toilets, trash receptacles, information and regulatory signage, boundary markers and trails to provide non-motorized access to the park.

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