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WGFD asking trappers to report sighting of most elusive Wildlife species

In: Shadow of the Rockies

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is asking trappers to report sightings of Wyoming’s most elusive wildlife species. During the fall and winter, trappers often visit remote locations and see many species of wildlife in pursuit of furbearers. In Wyoming, furbearer season opens Oct. 1 for beaver, marten, mink, muskrat and weasel. Badger, another furbearer, can be taken as well, with an open season year-round. Bobcat opens Nov. 15.

“Trapper-reported wildlife information can help determine survey locations, develop a predictive distribution map for the species in the state and collect much-needed genetic samples,” said Jason Hunter, Game and Fish wildlife supervisor in Lander, who co-chairs the department’s trapping workgroup.

Game and Fish is asking trappers to report any sightings of river otter, wolverine, swift fox, spotted skunk, fisher, Canadian lynx and least weasel. Reports can be submitted on the trapping section of the Game and Fish website.

Trapper’s reports have made a difference for elusive wildlife species. Information from trappers was crucial in identifying both historic and recent locations for spotted skunks, the focus of at least two research projects through the University of Wyoming.

Game and Fish also reminds trappers and other recreationists of the educational resources available on the department’s website, including free online trapper education, trapping best practices, information on how to share the trails and how to release a pet accidentally caught in a trap.

“When recreating with pets it is always a good idea to be prepared for what you may encounter outdoors. You may run into wildlife from moose and bears to other public land users,” said Rene Schell, Lander Region information and education specialist. “Knowing what to do in those situations beforehand can help lead to a more enjoyable trip for everyone.”

Game and Fish manages and regulates furbearer trapping in Wyoming and ensures that trapping activities are safe, efficient and practical. Trapping provides for recreational and economic opportunities of a renewable natural resource for Wyoming residents. For more information on trapping, visit the Game and Fish website.


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