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From the Northern News Network, this is Eric Young

Throughout the day here at Northern Broadcasting, we get the opportunity to talk to so many great people across the state just to get a few brief comments from them for our Northern News Network newscasts. Due to the time allotted for our broadcasts and the sheer amount of news going on every day, usually just a short audio clip is all that we have time to share with our audience.

It got me thinking: some of these newsmakers are so interesting, our listeners across Montana would enjoy hearing more about these stories, so I figured, since we have the entire conversation recorded, we may as well share that too!

For this first edition of Northern News Interviews, I even told the person I was speaking with, Tessa, that it’s a shame people are only going to hear a such a small part of this great conversation.

Well now they CAN hear it!

Here’s the first of our extended chats with MSU Medical student and U.S. Army Lieutenant Tessa Sawyer, who recheved a number of prestigious scholarships to benefit not just her life, but the lives of those across communities like her home town Dillon. Due to begin medical school this fall, Tessa will also begin her service with the U.S. Army and receive further financial aid through the Army’s Health Professions Scholarship. One of only 300 recipients, Tessa will serve a total of eight years of active duty during and after her medical residency.

We hope you enjoy hearing a little more about some of these important stories. And please, let us know what you think.

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