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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking public input on an environmental assessment that will lead to a proposed agricultural lease on approximately 75 acres of irrigated alfalfa fields on the Beckman Wildlife Management Area near Denton. FWP invites the public to review and comment on the draft EA for the proposal.


FWP is seeking to offer bid on a six-year agricultural lease opportunity on the Beckman WMA. The bid process seeks to establish a mutually beneficial haying lease with FWP, wherein lessee irrigates and hays one (or possibly two) cuttings grass/alfalfa fields totaling approximately 75 acres, and then will continue irrigating the fields for fall wildlife forage. Summary and terms of the proposed lease opportunity is included in the draft EA.


To review the draft EA, visit FWP’s website at:


The comment period for the proposed agricultural lease is March 2 through March 23, 2021.

Submit written comments to: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, c/o Beckman WMA Agricultural Lease, 333 Airport Rd, Lewistown, MT  59457. Or, email comments to:

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