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– Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is looking for public comment on a proposal to replace an aging travel trailer at Chief Plenty Coups State Park south of Billings with a permanent structure.


An AmeriCorps volunteer who works at the state park now lives in an aging travel trailer on the site. Repairs to the trailer now cost more than the trailer is worth. So FWP is proposing to replace it with a small house on the same pad. Utilities currently running to the travel trailer would be attached to the new house.


FWP would pay for $5,000 of the cost. The remaining $5,000 would come from Billings West High School and the Billings Home Builders Association in the form of an in-kind donation of design and construction.


The full text of an environmental assessment of the project is online at 


The deadline for public comment is March 14, 2021. Comments may be emailed to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks at fwpregion5pc@mt.govwith a subject line of “Plenty Coups EA” or mailed to:


Chief Plenty Coups building EA

2300 Lake Elmo Drive

Billings, MT 59105

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