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Black bears are among us in southeastern Montana, even if we don’t often see them. Bears are constantly foraging for food, and it’s not unusual for them to wander into residential areas where they may come in contact with humans.

To raise awareness of black bears and their behaviors, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will host an outdoor “Be Bear Aware” campfire-style talk on Monday, June 29 at Spotted Eagle Recreation Area from 6:30-8 p.m. The talk will be held at the teepee frame area along the west shore of the lake. Please bring your own lawn chairs or blankets so people can practice social distancing.

Learn how black bears differ from grizzlies, what motivates these amazing creatures, why you needn’t fear their presence, and how you can help them to remain wild! Examine a bear hide and skull and see a full-size mount. Learn how to use bear spray properly. FWP will bring its culvert bear trap, and a warden will discuss how FWP handles bear encounters. Wardens and biologists will talk about their work with black bears and be on hand for information and questions.

All ages are welcome at this talk, which will be family friendly. Bug spray is recommended, as the area is adjacent to the lake. There will not be an actual campfire for this event. FWP will provide water and snacks.

The event will follow standard protocols for social distancing.

Registration is not required, but attendees will be asked to distance and remain in family groups. Hand sanitizer will be provided, but people wishing to wear masks should bring their own.

For questions about the “Be Bear Aware” talk, please contact Marla Prell at FWP at 406-234-0900 or 406-234-0926, or email

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