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Nonresident boaters and anglers will see new aquatic invasive species rules when they visit Montana this year.


The Montana Legislature reduced the fee nonresident anglers pay for the Angler Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Pass (AISPP). Nonresident anglers will pay $7.50 instead of the $15 fee that was charged last year. Also, nonresident youth under the age of 16 will be exempt from purchasing the Angler AISPP. The AISPP fee is included in the purchase of fishing licenses.


New this year, nonresidents launching watercraft in Montana must purchase a Vessel AIS Prevention Pass.


The $30 fee for motorboats applies to all motorized watercraft that is registered in another state our country.


The $10 fee for nonmotorized watercraft applies to all watercraft that does not have a motor or engine (kayaks, canoes, rafts, drift boats, SUPs, sailboats, etc.) that nonresidents bring into Montana.


Nonresidents can purchase the Vessel AISPP online. Proof of purchase is an electronic or paper receipt.


The Vessel AISPP expires Dec. 31 and is not transferrable between vessels.

Nonresidents passing through Montana towing or carrying watercraft, but not launching on Montana waters, are not required to purchase the AISPP. However, they must stop at all open watercraft inspection stations they encounter.


Boaters are reminded that all watercraft coming into Montana from out of state must be inspected prior to launching. Watercraft inspection stations are Montana’s first line of defense to prevent the movement of aquatic invasive species.


To find a watercraft inspection station or to learn more, go to or call the FWP Aquatic Invasive Species Bureau at 406-444-2440.

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