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Managing Montana’s elk populations at levels compatible with other land uses and meeting the current and future demand for hunting and other recreation has become increasingly complex, demanding increased comprehensive planning. FWP has operated under some form of elk plan since 1978. In 2005, Montana adopted a new, comprehensive elk plan.


The Elk Management Plan is available for download. This plan has been separated into sections for faster downloading.


Elk Management Plan Initial Guidance Citizens Group


FWP is seeking 10-12 individuals to serve as a statewide citizens group to collaboratively provide guidance for the Elk Management Plan in Montana. Specifically, the group will be tasked with developing a concise issue statement about elk management and define some meaningful and enduring principles that may guide elk management into the future. The citizens group will be diverse and represent a variety of stakeholders.


Applications must be received no later than May 25, 2020.

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