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 As of Monday, April 27th This is the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center’s final weather and snowpack update for the season.


Avalanches will continue until the snow has melted. Remain diligent with careful snowpack assessment and cautious terrain selection. Please continue to share your avalanche observations. We will post them on our website/media to help each other stay safe. Mountain Weather


Over the weekend temperatures reached high 40s to 50s F with overnight lows in the mid to high 30s F. The mountains did not get any snow since Thursday night, and wind has been west-southwest at 5-15 mph with gusts to 30 mph. Today will be mostly cloudy with light showers, temperatures in the 40s F and thunderstorms this afternoon. Skies will clear the next couple days followed by scattered rain and snow showers through next weekend. Daytime temperatures will reach 50s to 60s F. 


Above freezing temperatures and rain this week make large wet avalanches likely. Temperatures were above freezing the last couple days and nights which caused the snowpack to lose strength and become unstable. Yesterday skiers reported large natural wet slides and a snowpack that had not frozen the previous night. Expect similar conditions today and through this week. Wet slabs and wet loose avalanches will occur naturally and be easy to trigger. Either type of slide can run a long distance, entrain tons of snow and carry deadly force.


For complete details and updates refer to the  GNFAC website.

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