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Antelope harvest data from the 2019 hunting season is now available on the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website. The harvest reports are one of the many resources Game and Fish offers to help plan a Wyoming hunt.

Hunters harvested 46,464 pronghorn in 2019. Antelope hunters saw high success with a statewide average of 90.8%. Total success for a hunt area ranged from a low of 69.9% up to as high as 115.3%. Hunter success values over 100% can happen when a hunter can hold more than one license and are successful filling multiple licenses.

On average, hunters spent 3.6 days hunting before they harvested a pronghorn. Days per harvest for all hunters in a given hunt area ranged from 2.1 to 7.0 days.

Most who pursued pronghorn were rifle hunters; only 5% reported harvesting with archery equipment.

Emily Gates, Game and Fish harvest survey coordinator, said the antelope harvest report data can help hunters make decisions on where to submit applications for the 2020 season.

“Hunters can use harvest reports to plan hunts by seeing how many other hunters are afield, how long it takes to harvest and typical success rates in a hunt area,” Gates said.  “Comparing low versus high success rates and shorter versus longer days per harvest could help to determine what areas might be more or less difficult to hunt.”

Pronghorn hunters in Wyoming tend to have higher success rates and lower days per harvest compared to other big game species. Deer and elk harvest reports will be posted in the coming weeks.

To see harvest data from 2019, vist the Game and Fish Hunt Planner or the Harvest Report webpage.

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