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Archive for date: December 18, 2019

Little Shell Tribe Chairman Gerald Gray Comments On Final Recognition By The Federal Government

Little Shell Tribe federal recognition passed the U.S. Senate Tuesday and is on its way to the President’s desk for his signature. Once that happens the Little Shell and its members will be entitled to all services and benefits the Federal Government provides to recognized tribes. Little Shell Tribal Chairman Gerald Gray credited Montana...

Chief Executive Officer Of The Montana Food Bank Network Talks Food Insecurity In Montana On Voices Of Montana

In 2018 1 in 7 Montanans or about 135,000 lived with food insecurity. Today on Voices of Montana Chief Executive Officer of the Montana Food Bank Network Gayle Carlson addressed the problem. “To listen to the full Voices Of Montana Podcast Click Here” &...

FWP looking for regional citizen advisory council members

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is looking for volunteers with an interest in recreation and parks issues to serve on its citizen advisory council for south central Montana. The CAC is a general advisory committee that provides input to FWP on diverse issues from wildlife and fisheries management, to access, state parks, outdoor recreation an...

Senator Steve Daines Talks About Efforts To Pass Little Shell Recognition Legislation Finally

In 2007 Jon Tester became a Senator and the first piece of legislation he introduced was to recognize the Little Shell Chippewa Indian Tribe and Tuesday the Senate passed it. Senator Steve Daines helped when he joined his colleague and explains how hard it was to get to the finish line.