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Noelle Smith was recently selected to fill the statewide migratory game bird and wetland habitat biologist position for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. This is a revised version of the migratory game bird position that now incorporates wetland habitat restoration and protection, while continuing Game and Fish’s population management efforts for waterfowl, cranes, and other species.
Before this position, Noelle worked in a unique collaborative venture between Ducks Unlimited and the Game and Fish for the last several years. In this position, Noelle has been instrumental in developing wetland conservation and restoration projects across the state, including recent and upcoming projects at Ocean Lake and Sand Mesa Wildlife Habitat Management Areas (WHMAs).
Noelle says, “I am excited to continue my work on improving Wyoming’s wetlands for waterfowl, hunters, and recreationists. Including habitat work into this position will help expand the department’s capacity to restore and manage wetlands on WHMAs, as well as private and public lands across the state.”
Noelle lived in Casper for two years before moving to Lander in March. Originally from Tennessee, Noelle earned her M.S. Biology by developing a habitat assessment method for wetlands in Kentucky. In addition, she has monitored birds and habitat across the country, including the prairie potholes of Alberta and the tundra of Alaska’s Seward Peninsula.
You can contact Noelle by calling the Lander Regional Office 307-332-2688.

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