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John Byrnes Director of the Concerned Veterans For America Foundation will be part of a presentation about war and diplomacy next week at Rocky Mountain College in Billings. He was asked today on Voices of Montana if Americans should rethink war and diplomacy.

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3 thoughts on “Voices Of Montana Guest John Byrnes Director Of Concerned Veterans For America On War And Diplomacy”

  1. John Tester Voted For senate bill S 1 . 80% of Americans are against this terrible legislation. Tester has proven that he does not represent the people of MONTANA and is nothing more than Schumer’s lap dog.
    The question is how do we impeach, recall or remove him from office. He is a disgrace to the State of Montana.

  2. Buchanan had me until the part about the insurrection he needs to do a lot more research because I know people that were there and first hand witness stories are much more convincing that there were in fact instigators from the left that helped to whip the crowd into a frenzy.

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