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BILLINGS – Traffic into two fishing access sites along the Yellowstone River west of Billings will be restricted starting Oct. 28, 2019, while construction crews rebuild entrance roads.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks will restrict traffic to walk-in only at Buffalo Mirage fishing access site at Park City while a bridge is replaced. The site could be restricted for as long as 90 days.

Signs at the entrance to the site will point visitors toward a walk-through opening in the fence and a temporary footbridge. Visitors may park along the roadway leading to the fishing access site but are directed not to block traffic.

FWP will close the Indian Fort fishing access site at Reed Point to all traffic while construction crews rebuild the access road. All people, equipment and vehicles must be removed from the site before construction starts on Oct. 28.

A section of the access road lies between a steep hillside and the Yellowstone River. It has been problematic each spring as the river undercuts the road and rocks slide off of the bank. Crews have patched the problem each spring. The work this fall is intended to more permanently fix the problem.

The road work and closure were scheduled for earlier this year but were postponed until Oct. 28 to accommodate the contractor. The site could be closed for as long as 30 days.



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