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Montana Rancher Highlights New Factor For Wildfires

Fire seasons in Montana have been longer and more devastating in recent years but it’s not all due to seasonal weather patterns. Andy Zook, a rancher near Volberg, explained on Voices of Montana how extreme weather led to a new catalyst for wildfires.

Air Quality Raised To Unhealthy Across Montana

Smoke pollution from wildfires burning across the West has made the air unhealthy to breathe throughout much of western Montana. State officials said air quality reached unhealthy levels Thursday across a 20-county area and the poor air quality is expected to linger into today. Wildfire smoke contains microscopic particles that can irritate th...

Wildfire Ongoing On Crow Reservation

Crews are fighting a wildfire burning in a heavily timbered canyon on the Crow Indian Reservation in the Bighorn Mountains southwest of Fort Smith. The Buffalo Pasture is fire estimated to be 100 acres in size Tuesday morning is burning in an area known as Little Bull Elk Canyon between Little Bull Elk Ridge and the tribal bison pasture. https...