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Wild Montana

Conservation Group To Begin New Initiative To Conserve Forests Near Lincoln

A group of diverse interests has agreed to a proposal for managing 200,000 acres of forests around Lincoln, a town northwest of Helena, offering a unique approach to public lands management through a mix of conservation forest reforestation and outdoor recreation. Zach Angstead is with Wild Montana which is part of the group. He says the plan ...

Local Conservation Groups Seeking Limited Oil & Gas Leasing

President Joe Biden’s pause on oil and gas leases on public lands was overturned, but conservation groups want to ensure the leasing process is limited in scope. The Bureau of Land Management has proposed a lease sale covering more than 6,200 acres in Montana. Aubrey Bertram with Wild Montana says there’s an urgent need to curb carbon emission...

Conservation Group Announces Re-Brand

The Montana Wilderness Association one of the country’s oldest grassroots conservation groups is changing its name to Wild Montana and also broadening its mission. One of its newest members Andrew McKean is also on the board of directors. He lives on the prairie in northwestern Montana.