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Sen. Daines To Travel To Europe For Ukraine Briefing

Senator Steve Daines will travel to Poland and Germany as part of a bipartisan delegation gathering information about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The delegation will meet with U.S. military leaders Ukrainians and non-government organizations. Daines announced the trip Thursday afternoon. He said earlier he supports Ukraine’s fight a...

Sen. Tester Warns Of Excessive Sanctions Against Russia

Wednesday Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy talked to the U.S. Congress asking for them to send more help to Ukraine for its fight against Russia including further sanctions. Senator Jon Tester agrees with the further crippling of Russia’s economy but not without some reservations.

Montana Veterans Agree With Keeping Troops Out Of Ukraine

The U.S. hit Russia with severe economic sanctions and supplied Ukraine with billions of dollars in resources but has not sent over any military troops to aid them in the conflict. Montana veteran Chris Enget who works with the nonprofit Concerned Veterans for America agrees saying it would be the wrong course of action.

Tester Blasts Senate Minority For Delaying Military Funding & Ukraine Aid

A $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill to fund the federal government must pass by midnight tonight to keep the federal government from shutting down. Thursday the U.S. Senate erupted into a shouting match over how to pass funding for Ukraine as a few Republicans, including Montana Senator Steve Daines, attempted to carve out $13.5 billion of a...

Electric Co-Ops Investing In Improved Cyber Security

With Russia invading Ukraine, security issues in the U.S. are of growing concern. The National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association is holding its annual meeting in Nashville. Monday, on Voices of Montana, its president and Glasgow’s Norval Electric Co-Op Director Chris Christensen had an example.

Senator Daines Pushes Country For Energy Independence

As oil prices continue to go up because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Senator Steve Daines is calling for the U.S. to increase its own efforts in producing energy. He recently introduced a new bill that would do just that along with helping America’s partners and allies be less dependent on Russia.