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NRECA Meeting Improving Cooperation Among Montana Electric Co-Ops

The National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association’s annual meeting and TechAdvantage 2022 Conference and Expo wraps up today in Nashville Tennessee. Tuesday on Voice of Montana, DeeDee Isaacs President of the Montana Electric Cooperative Association and board member of Tongue River Electric Cooperative talked about the importance of s...

NRECA President Details Pandemic Adjustments For Rural Electric Cooperatives

The pandemic has affected everyone including rural electric cooperatives. The National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association is holding its annual convention in Nashville, Tennessee. On Voices of Montana Monday President Chris Christensen, who is also a board member of Glasgow’s Norval Electric Co-Op with 19 employees, talked about it.

Rural Electric CO-OP Leaders Meet In Nashville

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Associations’ annual meeting is taking the place in Nashville Tennessee where the Montana’s electric cooperative leaders can make valuable professional connections with others share best practices discuss today’s critical issues and set practical agendas for moving the industry forward. North...

Montana Ag Producer To Bring In Hay From Tennessee

With Montana producers having a hard time to find hay for their herds because of drought and high temperatures, Joe Dooling, a producer in Lewis and Clark County who ran for the U.S. House in 2020, may have a solution. He explained the background Wednesday on Voices of Montana, saying there’ll be a test run of his idea Friday. https://norther...