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Shodair Children's Hospital

New Program Aims To Address Teen Depression Across Montana

A recent survey found 41% of Montana high school students self-reported symptoms of depression over the last year. One possible solution is a pilot project conducted by the Rural Behavioral Health Institute. It provides a six-and-a-half minute mental health screening completed by students. The results of the screening go to a designated school...

Shodair Children’s Hospital Highlights Treating Mental Health For Different Age-Groups

Today is the last day of September and National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Jenna Eisenhart, the Director of Shodair Children’s Hospital’s Social Services recently explained that treating mental health can be easier with younger patients, but is far from simpler.

Shodair Children’s Hospital Offering Scholarship For Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Suicide and mental health are topics that many struggle to openly talk about and Shodair Children’s Hospital in Helena is looking to change that through its annual scholarship contest. The hospital will be accepting submission at until September 27th where students can share their message of hope to those struggling with their ment...

Montana Supreme Court Justices Issued Subpoenas From Legislature

Legislative leadership issued a new round of subpoenas for all seven Montana Supreme Court justices and the court administrator Thursday in an ongoing inquiry into the GOP’s claims of misconduct through the court’s email system investigating the judiciary for polling judges on pending legislation regarding the courts. Democrats hav...