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Patrick Barkey

TV Show Filmed In Montana Generates $70 Million In Additional Spending

Film industry activity has grown significantly in Montana during recent years and a new study conducted by the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research reports the hit television series “Yellowstone” brought in more than $70 million in additional spending to the state last year. According to BBER Director Patrick Barkey, ...

Montana Labor Market Still Trailing In Economic Recovery

Montana is experiencing multiple demographic and economic transitions due to a growing population lack of housing and federal stimulus funds. Dr. Patrick Barkey from the University of Montana’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research recently noted on Voices of Montana how these are currently factoring into the state’s labor market.

Montana Economist Points Current Challenges To Rapid Growth

There are always problems with the economy but according to Dr. Patrick Barkey the ones we have            now are mostly growth problems. That’s the message the Director of the Bureau of Business and Economic Research brings to Billings today during the annual Economic Outlook Seminar at the Big Horn Resort.

Montana Economist Projects Future Economy

Dr. Patrick Barkey was on Voices of Montana Thursday. The Director of the Bureau of Business                   and Economic Research at the University of Montana gave a prognostication about Montana’s economic future now that we’re in year three of the pandemic.

New Research Shows Montana Had Successful Recovery From Pandemic

Montana has seen a strong and quick rebound from the economic impacts of the COVID crisis, according to a recent mid-year report sponsored by the Montana Chamber of Commerce. Head of the UM Bureau of Business and Economic Research Dr. Patrick Barkey reported that the COVID-19 pandemic brought down predicted growth in personal income and gross ...