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Montana State Prison

State Prison Reports Possible Water Hazard

Montana State Prison staff sent water samples to a state laboratory in Missoula Wednesday after being alerted by inmates Tuesday about a strange odor coming from it out of the Deer Lodge facility’s low security side. The inmates will be provided with bottled water until the sample results are returned.

Montana State Prison Union May Strike

A possible strike is brewing at the Montana State Prison as the employees’ unions continue negotiations with the state Corrections Department Thursday. The Federation of Montana State Prison Employees Local 4700 announced earlier this month its members had voted sixty to zero to engage in concerted activity a step toward a potential strike to ...

1st COVID Case In Montana State Prison Reported In 2 Months

The Montana State Prison has reported its first COVID-19 cases among inmates at the facility since May. The Montana Department of Corrections reported three new cases on its website this week bringing the total cases among inmates there to 493 since its first case last October. One inmate is currently hospitalized while six have died from comp...

Montana State Prison Minimizes Dairy Program

Darigold canceled its 30-year contract with the Montana State Prison last year forcing the prison work program to sell off about 270 cows in mid-December. Montana Correctional Enterprises had to scale down its dairy program to about 70 enough to produce milk to self-sustain the Department of Correction’s facilities around the state. A re...