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Montana Housing

Montana Economist Sees Legislature Providing Housing Solution

It’s well known there’s a major housing shortage across Montana but it’s too soon to tell what solutions will look like. Patrick Barkey Director of the Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the University of Montana recently acknowledged this uncertainty but highlighted one possibility.

New Reports Detail Housing Shortage In Montana

The housing crisis in Montana is becoming more real. In 2021, for every Montanan that moved out of state, four out-of-staters moved in with Montana seeing 70,000 transplants from California alone. In 2021, 24% of all real estate transactions here were paid for in cash. Most buyers are coming from out of state as folks leave high-priced urban m...

Property Experts Predict Mass Housing Developments Across Montana

Despite rising populations and a need for more housing across Montana many communities are bullish on mass developments in city centers while others worry about expanding city limits. Butte-based land use attorney Abigail St. Lawrence argues that Montana communities are going to have to embrace change one way or another.

Daines Introduces Bill To Aid Communities Near Public Lands

Senator Steve Daines co-sponsored the “Gateway Community and Recreation Enhancement Act”               this week. It is intended to support gateway communities and address challenges facing national              parks and public lands like increased visitation and housing shortages.

Montana Housing Prices Among The Fastest Rising In The Country

Montana’s economy has shown resilience and strength through much of 2021. Between 2020 and 2021 home prices in Montana increased by 24.4% placing the state fourth in the nation for the sharpest increase according to the Washington Post.  In the state’s largest communities though there is evidence of businesses closing due to labor ...

Montana Justice Rice Files Challenge Against Legislative Lawsuit

Montana Supreme Court Justice Jim Rice was the only justice to file a court challenge against a legislative subpoena seeking his communications regarding any polling conducted on pending legislation. Monday District Court Judge Mike McMahon grilled a state attorney representing the Legislature on Republican lawmakers’ chosen methods of p...