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Montana House of Representatives

Montana Representative Skees Explains HB 702 Protections For Workers

Republican Representative Derek Skees has been a member of the Montana House of Representatives since 2017. Monday on Voices of Montana he cleared up any confusion about House Bill 702 which outlaws discrimination in the workplace concerning vaccines and passports.

Montana Civil Air Patrol Seeking New Recruits

Lawmakers will be polled soon on whether to override eight vetoes issued by Governor Greg Gianforte after they adjourned the legislative session last month. The Secretary of State is required to poll legislators on whether to override post-session vetoes of bills that received a combined 100 votes from the 150 lawmakers in the House and Senate...

House Bill Known Unofficially As “The Beast” Passes Through State House Of Representatives

After Congress passed the American Rescue Plan Act, sending billions of dollars to Montana, lawmakers quickly drafted House Bill 632 to start the process of spending that money. The bill passed the House of Representatives with broad bipartisan support last week before landing in the Senate Finance and Claims Committee Wednesday. James Bradley...

Montana House of Representatives Approves Bill For Film Industry Jobs

The House of Representatives gave bipartisan preliminary approval Tuesday to a bill aimed at drawing the film industry to Montana. James Bradley from the University of Montana Legislative News Service reports House Bill 340 expands tax incentives set up by the 2019 Montana Economic Development Industry Advancement Act. Republican Speaker of th...