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Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks

FWP Reminds Yellowstone National Visitors To Keep Distance From Wildlife

Bison walking along the road at sunrise (Credit: National Park Service / Jacob W. Frank) Each year many people are injured by animals in Yellowstone National Park and some even lose their lives occasionally and sometimes it’s no fault of the animals. Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Communication and Education Program Manager Bob Gibson has ...

Little Shell Tribe Receives Hell Creek State Park

After almost 60 years of state oversight Hell Creek State Park north of Jordan in Garfield County has been officially transferred to the management of the Montana Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians. For now, the tribe is operating under the auspices of the previous lessee Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks whose lease expires in April 2023.

Wolf Hunting Season Now Closed

Montana’s Wolf hunting season closed Tuesday with hunters and trappers killing 272, the fewest in the last four years. Fish Wildlife and Parks’ annual population estimate will not be compiled and released until this summer. Last year that estimate pegged populations at about 1,200 animals a statewide number officials say has been r...

Montanan Sworn In As Fish & Wildlife Service Director

Martha Williams was sworn in Tuesday as Director of the Fish and Wildlife Service by Department of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland. Before joining the Biden-Harris administration Williams served as the Director of the Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks from 2017 to 2020. Previously she was an Assistant Professor of Law at the Blewett...

Invasive Fish Species Detected Near Yellowstone National Park

One smallmouth bass was caught and released in waters on the border of Yellowstone National Park in the confluence of the Gardener and Yellowstone rivers. The problem is they are voracious predators adaptable and incredibly invasive. Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks is aware of the incident and what the agency might do is still being discussed.

Montana FWP Streamlines Licensing Process With New App

Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks app called MyFWP for purchasing hunting and fishing licenses by phone also reduces the need to carry paperwork while fishing and hunting. On Voices of Montana recently FWP’s Information Bureau Chief Greg Lemon explained the change was the result of how hunters and fishers are now accessing services of all kinds....

FWP Fisheries Program Gives Update On Projects

Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks’ Future Fisheries Program has worked to restore rivers steams and lakes to improve and restore Montana’s wild fish habitats through available government funds for nearly 20 years. The program’s coordinator Michelle McGree details some of the recent work they’ve done.

Federal Law Overrules Aerial Wolf Hunting Law In Montana

Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks argued in state District Court recently Montana law does not prohibit aerial hunting of wolves. The federal Airborne Hunting Act of 1972 does prohibit shooting or attempting to shoot or harassing any bird fish or other animal from aircraft except for certain specified reasons. Wednesday FWP spokesperson Greg Lem...

Wolves Killed In Region 3 Surpass Limit

Three more wolves were killed in southwestern Montana’s Region 3 hunting district where Yellowstone National Park visitor com to see them even after   Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks closed the season there on February 17th when the 82-wolf quota was reached. So far this winter 25 wolves known to park officials have been killed in Montana, Wyo...