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Montana Farm Bureau Federation

Farm Bureau Federation Highlights Ag Challenges Going Into

During National Ag Week Governor Greg Gianforte met with Montana ag leaders in the state Capitol building last week to discuss current challenges facing the industry. Among those in the meeting               was Montana Farm Bureau Federation Executive Vice President John Youngberg who said                            current economic and envir...

Montana Farm Bureau Begins Preparation For Next Farm Bill

With time ticking the Montana Farm Bureau isn’t wasting any of it. During the 102nd annual convention and trade show in Billings last week Senior Director of Government Affairs Nicole Rolf told Voices of Montana listeners what’s happening right now.

State Land Lawsuit Dismissed

The state recently announced it was moving the Montana Highway Patrol headquarters from rented space in Helena 30 miles south to the state-owned 48-acre Montana Developmental Center campus in Boulder which has sat vacant for several years. Thursday, about 40 people gathered at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in to welcome the Montana Highway ...