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Maylinn Smith

Montana’s New Congressional Map Finalized

The new map for Montana’s two new congressional districts has been finalized. Northern News Network’s Eric Young reports.

Montana Tribes Voice Concerns Over Final Congressional Map

Tribal nations and organizations say they’re frustrated with the congressional map Montana’s redistricting and apportionment commission has chosen. Chair Maylinn Smith broke a tie in favor of a map drawn by Republican commission members. Ta’jin Perez with the Native American advocacy group Western Native Voice says tribes in the state have exp...

Commission Decides On Finalist For New Congressional Districts

On a split vote Thursday evening, Districting and Apportionment Commission Chairwoman Maylinn Smith cast her deciding vote with the commission Republicans to select Congressional Proposal 12 as the finalist for determining Montana’s two new congressional districts. Smith said there could still be changes to the map based on public testimony pr...

Districting & Apportionment Committee To Decide On Final Congressional Map

For the first time in 30 years the U.S. Census awarded Montana a second seat in Congress. Today, the state’s districting and apportionment commission will select district boundaries in essence dividing the Treasure State in half. With little common ground between the commission’s two Republican and two Democratic members much of the decision m...