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Kim Abbott

Montana Democratic Party Condemns Attorney General’s Involvement In Hospital Incident

Montana House Minority Leader Kim Abbott and Senate Minority Leader Jill Cohenour responded to a report Tuesday published by the Legislature’s special counsel regarding Attorney General Austin Knudsen’s involvement in a patient’s treatment at St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena. Abbott called the incident an example of public officials using their ...

State Commission Meets To Reallocate Work Incentive Funds

Now that the timeframe for the Gianforte administration’s back-to-work incentive program has ended, a state commission has ruled on reallocation of the remaining funds. Committee member Kim Abbott on why she believes it didn’t yield the results the administration was expecting.

House & Senate Leaders Urge Governor Gianforte To Take Further Action Addressing Crowded Hospitals

Senate Minority Leader Jill Cohenour and House Minority Leader Kim Abbott sent a letter to Governor Greg Gianforte Tuesday asking him to take urgent concrete action to address extreme stresses on hospital capacity in the wake of rising in COVID-19 cases. The last several weeks have seen Montana report some of the worst COVID-19 case numbers of...