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Little Shell Tribe Receives Hell Creek State Park

After almost 60 years of state oversight Hell Creek State Park north of Jordan in Garfield County has been officially transferred to the management of the Montana Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians. For now, the tribe is operating under the auspices of the previous lessee Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks whose lease expires in April 2023.

Clearwater Wind Project Nearing Completion

According to NextEra Energy, its Clearwater Wind project should be finished by the end of this year. The largest wind project in Montana will affect Garfield, Custer and Rosebud counties and include 132 wind turbines and eventually provide 750 megawatts of energy. About 60 are already built and can be seen when driving between Miles City and J...

Poachers Sentenced For FWP Investigation Near Jordan

24 poachers have been sentenced in the Montana 16th Judicial District Court in Garfield County after a more than two and a half year poaching investigation near Jordan. The case revealed evidence of at least 48 unlawfully taken game animals. Fish Wildlife and Parks Director Hank Worsech called the case one of the most disturbing in recent hist...