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Internal Revenue Service

IRS Scraps Facial ID Plan

The Internal Revenue Service has abandoned a plan to use facial recognition on taxpayers                       for this filing season. According to Fight for the Future, in 2021, Montana is still using and facial verification for people applying for unemployment benefits. The Golden Colorado group says there were numerous reports of prob...

IRS Ditching Facial Recognition Tax Verification

The Internal Revenue Service will reverse a decision to require taxpayers to provide facial recognition data through a third-party vendor to access some tax services and instead will work toward providing an alternative form of verification. Senator Jon Tester recently came out opposing the initial decision citing privacy concerns and potentia...

Montana CPA Details IRS Challenges With 2021 Tax Returns

Many federal tax filers have yet to receive their returns from 2021 but the Internal Revenue Service begins the 2022 tax season Monday. With this in mind, Montana CPA for Eide Bailey Ronald Yates Jr. advises Montanans to file early electronically and with as little paperwork as possible.

New IRS Payments Coming To Qualifying Montana Families

More than 100,000 Montana families with children could begin receiving monthly child tax credit payments as early as Thursday from the Internal Revenue Service. It’s estimated that the monthly payments $300 for each child younger than age 6 and $250 for children ages 6 to 17. From July through December there will be monthly payments. Come tax ...