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Intermountain Children's Home

Helena Clinician Provides Mental Health Advice For Montanans

With COVID-19 continuing although at a reduced level to impact Montanans along with supply chain problems and just plain strange weather this year, a person needs to be able to cope with changes on a regular basis. “How?” is the question. There’s a word for that and Daniel Champer a clinical director at the Intermountain Children’s...

Helena Clinician Addresses Pandemic Effects On Perception

If you’re having trouble connecting to what you consider reality due to the ongoing pandemic trauma induced changing perceived reality you’re not alone. Daniel Champer is a clinical director at Intermountain Children’s Home in Helena who explained the nature of these little traumas we’re experiencing recently on Voices of Montana.

Helena Mental Health Service Addressing Pandemic-Induced Trauma

The pandemic has created trauma for young people and adults to various degrees. Tuesday, on Voices of Montana, Daniel Champer, a clinical director at Intermountain Children’s Home in Helena, was a guest.  He gave a prescription on how working together there can be a good outcome from our shared experiences.