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Gov. Gianforte Begins Annual 56 County Tour

Governor Greg Gianforte kicked off his annual 56 county tour March 24th to talk with                         Montanans about issues that are important to them and he’s been getting a lot of feedback. He recently told our Billings affiliate’s Scott Fredricks what he’s been hearing the most about.

Sen. Tester Calls For More Supply Chain Transparency

With inflation showing no signs of slowing down and the supply chain still disrupted U.S. lawmakers recently introduced the Ocean Shipping Reform Act which would update federal regulations for the global shipping industry. At a Senate Committee hearing on the bill, Senator Jon Tester also pushed for increased supply chain transparency.

Sen. Tester Details Inflation Impact On Agriculture

The inflation rate is the highest it’s been in forty years and the recent sanctions against Russia are likely to keep them rising. Senator and farmer Jon Tester recently detailed the short-term and long-term impacts of inflation on Montana producers.

New Study Identifies Montana’s Cost Of Living Increase

Inflation is on the rise at a historic pace in the United States. The consumer price index surged 7.5% on an annual basis in January; the highest increase in about 40 years. In Montana, the cost of living is 0.7% higher than it is on average nationwide. Overall, the cost of living in Montana ranks as the 23rd highest among states according to ...

Montana’s Minimum Wage Set To Increase Next Week

The minimum wage in Montana will increase to $9.20 an hour starting January 1st from the current $8.75. In 2006, Montana residents voted to adjust the rate for inflation each year and because of this, the minimum wage rate in Montana could increase each year depending on inflation. State lawmakers continue to review new bills aimed to increase...