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Million Dollar Grant Looks To Address Montana Homelessness

A $3.4 million federal grant from HUD is aimed at helping youth in Montana who are experiencing homelessness. The effort is getting input from young people with lived experiences. Brandon Anderson is part of the Youth Action Board and says it would have been nice to know resources existed for him and other on the board.

Federal Grant Addressing Youth Homelessness Across Montana

A $3.4 million federal grant is helping Montana tackle homelessness among the state’s young people. Nichole Heyer navigates the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Project for the Montana Legal             Services Association says it’s unique for a legal organization to be associated with the project and important because legal service can be ba...

Montana Receives $1 Million In Homeless Youth Relief

Under the Federal American Rescue Plan Montana has received funds to aid in educating homeless children and youth. Fifty-three Montana school districts are eligible for $1,407,618 based on the high percentages of children from low-income families. Districts can manage their own programs or form a consortium of multiple districts. https://nort...

New Research Reveals New Homeless Trend Across Montana

The Pew Charitable Trusts presented new and compiled research focusing on Montana’s Housing economy to a Montana Legislative Finance Committee this week. Principle Officer for Pew’s consumer finance project Alex Horowitz emphasized one concerning correlation between the average cost of rent and homelessness. https://northernbroadcasting....