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Hank Worsech

FWP Updates Permits Ahead Of Hunting Season

With people from outside Montana moving in along with residents hunting in Montana is creating pressure for Fish Wildlife and Parks to deal with the situation and still keep Montana values. Director Hank Worsech explained an innovative approach they’ve come up with on Voices of Montana.

Poachers Sentenced For FWP Investigation Near Jordan

24 poachers have been sentenced in the Montana 16th Judicial District Court in Garfield County after a more than two and a half year poaching investigation near Jordan. The case revealed evidence of at least 48 unlawfully taken game animals. Fish Wildlife and Parks Director Hank Worsech called the case one of the most disturbing in recent hist...

FWP Increasing Efforts To Address Grizzly Bear Management In Montana

There have been many calls recently to de-list grizzly bears in Montana as an endangered species with proponents pointing to restored population numbers. Although the decision ultimately lies with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,Hank Worsech Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks is looking at how to address these issues themselves due to the pote...