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Fish Wildlife and Parks

Montana Looking To Expand Access To Big Snowy Mountains

Crystal Lake in the Big Snowy Mountains in central Montana (Credit: Forest Service Northern Region/CC BY 2.0) More than 100,000 acres of public lands surrounding the Big Snowy Mountains are largely inaccessible but Montana is considering purchasing a 5,600-acre ranch to open up access to the area. The elk population there is 900% above the...

Avian Flu Could Potentially Impact Hunting Season

With the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza continuing to spread across Montana turkey hunters are being warned the birds can carry and spread the virus without showing any symptoms. Fish Wildlife and Parks veterinarian Jennifer Ramsey has some tips for hunters this year.

FWP Updates Permits Ahead Of Hunting Season

With people from outside Montana moving in along with residents hunting in Montana is creating pressure for Fish Wildlife and Parks to deal with the situation and still keep Montana values. Director Hank Worsech explained an innovative approach they’ve come up with on Voices of Montana.

FWP Updates Drought Outlook

During a meeting in the state capitol this week the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission provided an update on the current drought outlook heading into the summer. Fish Wildlife and Parks Fisheries Administrator Eileen Ryce.

District Judge Denies Challenge To Wolf Hunting Regulations

Lewis and Clark District Court Judge Michael McMahon has denied the request for a preliminary injunction over portions of Montana’s wolf hunting and trapping regulations. Wolves of the Rockies and Trap Free Montana alleged in a lawsuit that changes made by Fish Wildlife and Parks in this year’s wolf regulations violated their right to pa...

Wolf Hunting & Trapping Season Closed In Region 3

The hunting and trapping of wolves in Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ Region 3 (southwest Montana) closed today. Last month, the Fish and Wildlife Commission voted to close wolf hunting and trapping in Region 3 upon the harvest of 82 wolves in the region. With the hunting and trapping season closed, trappers in the region must remove their...

FWP Provides Hunting Update

The General Hunting Season is underway. From Fish Wildlife and Parks, Communication and Education Program Manager Bob Gibson on some results so far.

FWP To Hold Public Hearings This Week On Hunting Regulations

Meetings will be held across Montana starting this week to discuss potential hunting regulation changes for 2022 and 2023. Fish Wildlife and Parks will hold the meetings by region to allow the public to hear directly from its staff and ask questions about the proposed changes. FWP biologists have worked on the potential changes with a focus on...

3 Wolves Killed During 1st Week Oh Hunting Season

The most viewed wolf pack in the world lost three of its members to Montana hunters in Yellowstone National Park during the first week of the hunting season in September. In a press release Monday, Park Superintendent Cam Sholly said these wolves are part of the park’s balanced ecosystem and represent one of the special parts of the park...