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NWS Reports Increases In Moisture Across Montana

Although much of the state is still suffering from a drought it did receive some moisture over the last month. Billings National Weather Service Meteorologist Cory Mottice on the improvements he’s seen on the state’s drought monitor.

Ag Producers Beginning To Receive Disaster Relief Fund

Following last year’s record-breaking drought there’s plenty of uncertainty heading into this year’s growing season. This week Senator Jon Tester asked Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack for an update on when producers can expect to see $10 billion Federal Disaster Relief Funds passed last fall.

Northwestern Energy Reducing Hebgen Reservoir Water Release Due To Drought

The Madison River Basin is experiencing Severe and Extreme Drought conditions and low soil moisture along with low snowpack are contributing to a forecast of continued low water levels at Hebgen Reservoir. NorthWestern Energy is reducing Hebgen Dam water releases through April 24th to capture more water in Hebgen Reservoir. River recreationist...

Gov. Gianforte Begins Annual 56 County Tour

Governor Greg Gianforte kicked off his annual 56 county tour March 24th to talk with                         Montanans about issues that are important to them and he’s been getting a lot of feedback. He recently told our Billings affiliate’s Scott Fredricks what he’s been hearing the most about.

Environmental Quality Council Meets Ahead Of Wildfire Season

The Environmental Quality Council held a wildfire panel last week to hear about trends mitigation and potential policy implications as much of Montana faces widespread drought. More than three-quarters of wildfire starts today are human caused and at the same time more and more houses are going up in forested areas and grasslands. State and fe...

Study Reveals Driest Drought In 1,200 Years

According to a study in the journal Nature Climate Change released Monday, the American West’s megadrought deepened so much last year it is now the driest in at least 1,200 years. The study’s lead author Park Williams, a climate hydrologist at UCLA, studied soil moisture levels in the West, including the southwest corner of Montana...

Montana Still In Sever Drought

According to the website more than 86% of Montana remains in severe drought with 53% in extreme drought and almost 14% in exceptional drought the worst possible rating. Based on current runoff trends soil moisture and plains and mountain snowpack the dry conditions are expected to continue. In 127 years of record keeping 2021 was t...

2021 Reported As The 4th Driest Year In Montana History

Montana is in one of the worst droughts in Montana history. As of December 15th, every county in the Treasure State was identified as experiencing some level of drought. A third of the state is in the grips of a “D4” or “exceptional” drought a designation the U.S. Department of Agriculture expects to occur in any one lo...