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Derek Skees

State Lawmakers Again Exploring Special Legislative Session

A new poll of Montana lawmakers is underway to determine if a special session should take place to form and fund an investigative committee for Montana’s elections to secure their security. Representative Derek Skees one of the lawmakers pushing for it was on Voices of Montana Monday.

Public Service Commission To Review Re-districting This Week

A judge has ruled the 5 Public Service Commission districts don’t truly represent the number of residents in each but should and January 7th, there will be a hearing to help determine what to do about it. Representative Derek Skees who is running for a Public Service Commission seat was on Voices of Montana Monday. https://northernbroadcastin...

Montana Representative Skees Explains HB 702 Protections For Workers

Republican Representative Derek Skees has been a member of the Montana House of Representatives since 2017. Monday on Voices of Montana he cleared up any confusion about House Bill 702 which outlaws discrimination in the workplace concerning vaccines and passports.